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Disability Advocates of Kentucky

Former Clients' Feedback

I would like to tell you about my disability representative, Leanne Hernandez.  After fighting with the Social Security Office for several years, I was having an extremely hard time getting approved due to not being able to keep up with all the paperwork.  When I was introduced to Leanne, she had everything in order for me and told me not to worry.  She took my case along with my stress and worries and was able to get me approved.  She was very professional and knowledgeable about my case and I still to this day can depend on her to answer any questions I may have and I would recommend her to any of my friends or family who may be in my situation at that time in my life.  Leanne can give you my phone number if you'd like further information.

--Darlene H.

Applying for Social Security Disability is a tough process!  I had Leanne as my representative throughout my three year process.  Leanne was the only person who treated me with respect, kindness, and empathy.  Leanne is excellent at her job and she genuinely cares about her clients.

--Tonie J.

I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone needing representation for SSA.  She was my rep and I won of course.  She is highly professional, dedicated, deeply committed to her clients, she wins and most importantly, she is a wonderful woman.  I was blessed to have her and will never forget how she represented me.  I will be reaping her inspiring representation for the rest of my life.

--Mike M.

Former Colleague's Feedback

P. Leanne Hernandez is an amazing disability representative. Leanne is hard working, compassionate, and she never misses deadlines. Leanne is truly the best representative out there. She strives to get her claimants approved for benefits. Having Leanne as your representative is the best choice you can make!

Thank you,

Rachel Eaton


Working with Leanne was an amazing experience. We worked together for two and a half years. She never treated me as her assistant; I was always her partner. Together we worked for our clients to get them approved. Leanne always reviewed every case from beginning to end. She made me a better person with the caring she demonstrated for each and every client she had no matter what their disability was. Everyone was treated equally and she works hard for her clients no matter what. Leanne is very caring, honest, compassionate and hardworking. Believe me, you want her on your side.

Donna Roberts