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About P. Leanne Hernandez, ADR EDPNA MPA


Professional Qualifications

For well over a decade, I have dedicated my career to assisting disabled individuals with their Social Security Disability claims. Before becoming a representative, I worked for the Kentucky Department for Disability Determination Services as a disability adjudicator, deciding whether a person qualified for benefits.

My extensive training included learning about every bodily system from head to toe and the various medical conditions that would prevent a person from working. I also spent considerable time learning the complex Social Security regulations. They are constantly changing, and I am always up-to-date on them.

This extensive training is not taught in law school and one does not need to be a lawyer to be a disability representative. Many judges have told me I do a better job than a lot of attorneys they see.  I have the advantage of having worked on the government end of these cases, plus I have a proven track record as a representative and many years of experience.

I am also an Accredited Disability Representative. That means I have passed a $1000 test administered by Social Security to prove that I am qualified to do this work.  I am also a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives, adhering to a strict code of ethics and completing continuing education units as required by Social Security. 

I provide each client with timely and individualized attention. I am assertive in dealing with Social Security, and even the toughest of judges don’t intimidate me.

I am so thorough in my preparation that I frequently find important information that a judge has inadvertently missed when he or she was reviewing the person's file prior to the hearing. I love it when my thoroughness makes a difference between a case being approved or denied.


In 2005, I was the recipient of the Department for Disability Determination Services’ Commissioner’s Award for Meritorious Service and I was the recipient of the 2011-2012 National Association of Disability Representatives’ Member of the Year Award. 


I attended the University of Louisville where I earned a BA in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree with honors.   I also have a minor in Spanish and have served as a volunteer interpreter with the American Red Cross.

Personal Information

I am a Kentucky native who grew up in Hodgenville and currently live in Shelbyville.

I have been in two major car accidents (neither was my fault) and have suffered injuries similar to what many of my clients have. I understand how painful many medical procedures are, how expensive they are and how frustrating it can be when healing does not take place as quickly as you would like. Trying to get disability benefits while dealing with your health problems is hard.  I truly understand and care about helping you. 

I treat my clients with dignity, respect, compassion and dedication. You are never just a Social Security number on a computer screen to me. I understand the obstacles you are facing and will do everything I can to get you a favorable decision as quickly as possible even if it means I don't get a fee. If you get approved early enough, that's possible and that's okay. You don't pay me anything unless we win and there are retroactive benefits. 

Between my husband Michael and me, we have eight children and three grandchildren. Michael is an ICU nurse so we are both dedicated to helping those who face health challenges.